13 tools to help you organize your next university course

Everything you need to know to perfectly organize your next university course with the best 13 tools

When September arrives, it is also time to return to the university classrooms. And after a long summer, where we have completely recharged our energies, it is important that you stay up to date with the latest technological tools, so that the next academic year you can perform at your best and with total comfort. For that reason, today we bring you in Xior Diagonal Besòs we share an interesting post where we tell you what are the 13 tools that will help you organize your next university course.
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As we said before, the beginning of a new period of university classes brings with it new challenges, especially for those young foreigners who come to live the magnificent experience of studying in Barcelona. Also, the need to perfectly organize the next academic year. And it is that between organizing your move, adapting to the city and its customs, you will also have to delve into new subjects, new schedules, new teachers and a series of responsibilities that you cannot put aside if you really want to start your academic season in Barcelona from The best way.

Therefore, we recommend you organize your routine and that it should not become a difficult task and, especially, after you read carefully in this post all about the 13 tools that will be the best resources so that you have everything under control at all times.
There are several ways for you to be able to organize an academic year in a simple way with the possibility of scheduling each activity without forgetting any task or exam. We are in the digital age and if there is something that we carry with us everywhere it is the mobile phone, that is why we have gathered 5 of the best applications that you can download on your Smartphone and they will help you plan your routine when you return to class:

It works as a space to save all the information you find on the network and then use it in the classroom or when doing work. It is compatible with several formats and supports transferring files from any browser or social network, it is available for iOS and Android and allows you to access the information saved without an internet connection.

It is an App available for iOS and Android that works as a virtual agenda where you can save important dates according to activities and attach documents or web pages that have useful content to develop the topic.
This application works for students of any level and teachers because it allows you to include images in each entry and even record audios to remember a key issue.

It allows you to take notes from your cell phone or tablet, using a digital pen or your finger, fill out forms and sign documents. You can also organize them in notebooks and even project them.

It makes it easy to make sketches, drawings or take notes. To take advantage it is advisable to buy the digital pen.

With this app you can also annotate, draw or sketch.

It is an App designed as a large dynamic calendar where you can record your weekly schedule, teacher contact, homework, exams and define study hours.
Each entry allows you to organize the academic year, include details that help you plan activities related to the class and even attach notes. This App is only available for Android and it is totally free.

It has a very simple and predictive interface, it is used in an agile way from any Smartphone and it carries out a graphic organization of each class. With this App you can create a school calendar and assign reminders so as not to forget any assignment, it is available for iOS and Android.

Notes U
This App is perfect for organizing the academic year of university students, it has sections to register schedules, tasks, due dates and contact of your professors. One of the most interesting features is that it allows you to record the qualifications you obtain in each evaluation and the same App will calculate the results and give you an average of your qualifications.


This educational platform allows you to take free online courses in a wide variety of topics from the comfort of your cell phone or tablet.

Khan Academy
This renowned platform offers thousands of tutorial videos on a wide variety of subjects and topics.

This RSS application allows you to save your favorite press, magazines and blogs to keep you constantly updated with the latest news and content of interest.

Lets you listen to audiobooks anytime, anywhere.

Conferences around the world, most of them with Spanish subtitles.
You can find a free version for Android and there is another that you can pay for and has no advertising.
Education programs that use digital platforms are more and more frequent, which makes it necessary to organize academic courses with interactive and flexible tools.

We have reviewed the most useful Apps to manage activities and tasks from home, it only remains for you to choose the most appropriate one according to your needs.
Are you ready to start a new academic year in Barcelona? We hope that with this post we have helped you to better organize your new course with the best tools for university.

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Good start to the academic year!