Advantages of choosing a university residence in Barcelona.

All the reasons you need to know to choose a university residence during your academic stay in Barcelona.

Living in Barcelona is a unique experience and we know it very well. But at the same time, we are convinced that making the decision to study away from home is undoubtedly a great step in the life of a foreign student which will mark them forever and, consequently, becomes a great decision that deserves to be meditated with total tranquility and attention.

Moving to Barcelona is not only leaving your comforts at home, but it also means abandoning your comfort zone and immersing completely into a new adventure that will make you grow in many personal aspects that you could not even imagine.

One of those fundamental aspects, in addition to choosing the university well and carrying out all the red tape, is when it comes the time to decide… where to live? ? And this is when the great unknown arises for many young foreigners who value between a rental room in a shared apartment or a top-notch university residence.

For that reason, today in Xior Diagonal Besòs we bring you an interesting post where we tell you all the advantages of choosing a university residence in Barcelona. We are at your disposal and we will help you in everything you need to make your stay in the Catalan capital the best.

Then take note of everything we tell you and we hope to convince you that Barcelona and our university residence located in the heart of the city facing the Mediterranean Sea, are the perfect combination for you.


Friendships Forever

Barcelona is the epicenter of culture, leisure and above all friendship. Hence even the song of the Olympics of ’92“Friends Forever” proves it in the large number of foreign students who come every year to the city of Barcelona, in which not only do they study and even some work, but also enjoy their free times to the fullest by making new friendships, exchanging experiences, knowing customs and new cultures.

This aspect is one of the best advantages of moving to Barcelona. However, if you live in our student residence, imagine how many contacts you will make from all over the world, we assure you that it will be endless. . And we are used to welcoming residents from all continents, which will further enrich your Barcelona experience, so you can practice languages and learn things you’ve never imagined before.

In addition, keep in mind that in our university residence we not only care about providing you with all the comforts you need to study and rest with total tranquility, but we also encourage the confluence of our residents through the organization of cultural and sporting events in which you can make new friends who, like you, live with great enthusiasm their academic season in Barcelona.

Our experience confirms that our residents always return to Barcelona to relive their experiences and meet with their old friends they made here. If you want to make friends forever and have Barcelona as the most important city in your life, we invite you to try our offer that you will never regret.

Unparalleled location

Living with all the comforts in Barcelona is ok. However, doing so in a modern, eco-friendlyresidence in the city center and facing the Mediterranean Sea are already major words. We also remind you that our university residence is located a few minutes from the most important colleges and university schools of the city, which will facilitate your significant stay and, so you will not have the need to waste time in coming and going, nor waste money on public transport.

And most important of all… You’ll be able to move at your own pace and even get some more sleep every day! We are sure that this advantage is essential for you to decide on a university residence like ours in which you will have everything you need at your fingertips.

Maximum security

Barcelona is a fantastic city, but insecurity is a concern for many foreign students. For this reason, when you choose a university residence you are not only opting for total comfort, but you will also be guaranteeing total peace of mind not to suffer any type of theft while inside our facilities.

Remember that if you have any kind of problem, we will always be happy to help you. To do this, our residence has a qualified staff who can support you at any time during the 24 hours in case you have any unforeseen events. The idea is that you only must worry about your academic duties, since your safety is on our own.

Absolute independence

If you think living in a university residence is synonymous with control over your chores… you’re wrong! And it is that over the years many residents believed that living in our university residence they would be controlled 100%, when in fact they are not.

We understand that our residents are adults and responsible people. For the same reason, we rely heavily on their ways of acting and behaving, so we understand the basic rules we have in our residence, which are strictly based on respect and coexistence among all our residents.

Therefore, all students who attend our residence have full access to our facilities during the 24 hours, with a key with which they can enter and leave with total freedom of residence.

Total armony to study

As we said earlier, it is not enough for us to be a residence for you to sleep comfortably. What we want to offer you is to live in a student residence that is perfect for you to focus on your studies 100%.

Therefore, we have totally modern facilities where you will find spacious study rooms, conference area and comfortable libraries with everything you need so you can enjoy complete tranquility every day while acquiring knowledge.

Another rather pleasant aspect is that you can study in group together with friends, whether in our study areas, green areas, or cafeteria, when you need it most. We assure you that you will study comfortably and that it will also be quite fun. We assure you that you will study comfortably and that it will also be quite fun.

Fun to the fullest

Combining academic life with social life is the best formula to fully enjoy Barcelona. In that sense, at Xior Diagonal Besòs we become much more than a residence, because we are an ideal space for young students to perform 100% and enjoy their free time.

To do this, we have extensive facilities for the practice of sports, as well as our own gym and green areas around as the beach a few minutes’ walk. In this way, we guarantee that you will be able to take care of your physique every day without any problem.

On the other hand, if you want to discover Barcelona as a group with other residents, we tell you that we also carry out social activities and outings so that you get more acquainted with the city and with your new colleagues.

Now that you knowthe great advantages of choosing a university residence in Barcelona and really want to live a different experience in your academic life engrossed in the Catalan capital, remember that you can always count on Xior Diagonal Besòs where you will find the best university residence for national or foreign students in Barcelona.

And it is that with us you will live to the maximum the essence of the city and we have everything you need to make your university life here unforgettable.

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We look forward to seeing you at our residence!