Discover the magic of San Juan night in Barcelona

Everything you need to know about the magical night of San Juan and what to do in Barcelona with the best ideas that you cannot miss


One of the most beautiful and magical nights in Barcelona is without a doubt that of San Juan. A splendid moment that you only experience once when you are a foreigner here and that marks the official arrival of summer, also becoming an ideal way to renew ourselves inside and out.

That is why in Barcelona, ​​every year from June 23 to 24, San Juan is celebrated in style. We refer to the shortest night of the year and that is a holiday associated with the summer solstice. And today we will tell you how to celebrate it in the best Barcelona style with some simple tips that will help you a lot and that will help you live an unforgettable experience.

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Taste the delicious coca of San Juan

San Juan is a synonym for sweetness that is also expressed with the delicious San Juan coca. A dessert that for no reason you can’t miss it especially during this holiday, because it represents the true customs of the people of Barcelona and, in addition, there are them for all tastes.

And you will ask yourself: What exactly is the coca of San Juan? We refer to a typical Catalan sweet that you can find in different presentations, such as: there are them with a crunchy or fluffy dough, with pine nuts, candied, with cream, cream or chocolate, with marzipan, etc. In either case, you will love San Juan coca.

Also, keep in mind that in Barcelona you will find thousands of patisseries specialized in the classic recipe that has never gone out of style and that will make you enjoy the true traditional flavor. However, if you are one of those who want a more innovative option, you can always accompany it with a fresh glass of cava or some more gourmet versions that you find in trendy restaurants.

It’s time for bonfires

Fire purifies the soul, said Saint Augustine. And fire is also an icon of San Juan thanks to its huge bonfires that are located in many squares of the city, but especially on the beaches of Barcelona; where normally young people go to celebrate it in a unique festive atmosphere to the rhythm of good music and the best energy.

In Barcelona, tradition says that you have to burn everything old to make way for the new with the arrival of summer. Our advice is that you get rid of all the notes of the subjects that you have already passed in the university, burn the memories that you do not like like the letters from your ex partner or the old furniture that you do not need. The main idea is that you let yourself be invaded by the spirit of renewal that can only be lived on this magical night.



Beach party

We recommend to all our foreign residents to experience the night of San Juan on the beaches of Barcelona. Undoubtedly, the traditional place to celebrate San Juan in style, but always with responsibility and civility.

Here you can live in a unique and magical atmosphere, with many bonfires, young people from all over the world and small concerts in the beach bars that will liven up your night while you wait to see the arrival of the fantastic fireworks that will illuminate the Barcelona night with colors.

Of course, we recommend you go to the beach in advance so that you reserve a good place that ensures the best location for you and your friends.

Amazing fireworks

A symbol of San Juan is the magic that fireworks give off. In Barcelona, the sky lights up for more than an hour with the magical colors that officially welcome summer. And you can enjoy this show with fireworks, by the light of a bonfire, on a beach with your friends because it is a unique experience that we assure you that you will never forget.

A night for wishes

Can you imagine what San Juan is for the people of Barcelona? Then join the magic of this holiday, whether you are a superstitious person or not and make a wish on life by the sea under the lights of fireworks. There are many magical rituals to perform during the night of San Juan, however, the most important thing is that you fill yourself with the best possible energy and feel how lucky you are to live in magical Barcelona.

As you can see, the night of San Juan is not just another night for the people of Barcelona. And we hope that with this post you have learned how to really enjoy it in the company of your best friends to live an experience that you will never forget.

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