Discover the most interesting theatres in Barcelona

Everything you need to know about the best theaters in Barcelona for all kinds of audiences you can’t miss


Barcelona is synonymous with art and culture. It also has a theatrical tradition of international prestige that distinguishes it in Spain and all Europe. Therefore, do not be surprised that it is possible to find in the Catalan capital more than 50 theaters for all tastes and budgets with a fantastic artistic and cultural offer that will really surprise you. 


For this reason, today in Xior Diagonal Bess we encourage you to round off your academic stay in Barcelona by visiting the long list of theaters that we tell you in detail below. Do you want to choose your favorite?  Welcome to student tips blog in Barcelona! 




Without a doubt, an interesting destination not only for tourists but also for the general public. It was also declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. It was designed by the famous Catalan architect Lluís Donech i Montaner, one of the most emblematic members of Barcelona modernism. 


This wonderful enclosure has an eclectic appearance, with its facade and interiors that house an explosion of beautiful mosaics in the company of a magical inverted geodesic dome that will not leave you indifferent.


All this architectural beauty is the perfect combination to enjoy the concerts of classical, jazz and flamenco music that are held throughout the year with the best artists of world renown.



The Liceu is the largest operatic coliseum in Barcelona and the main attraction of Las Ramblas. Opened in 1847, it reopened in 1999 completely renovated, after a fire destroyed it completely.


Here, the recitals and concerts take place almost every day of the year and cover various musical genres, ranging from classical opera to the most renowned contemporary shows. Therefore, if you are living in Barcelona you have to live a concert at the Liceu because it will be an experience that you will never forget, it is definitely a mandatory appointment for you.



Opened in 1996 and designed by architect Ricardo Bofill, it is a theater inspired by a classic Greek temple, so it is not strange that it is dedicated to national dramaturgy by nature. However, from time-to-time, musical performances and other various cultural proposals are also programmed that give life to the city’s traditional cultural offer. One fact to keep in mind is that the plays are usually in Spanish or Catalan.



Located in the fantastic nature of Montjuc, it is a theater dedicated to the strictly representation of contemporary plays, although, you can also appreciate great classics on some particular occasion.


The innovative layout of its rooms contributes to create a great closeness between the actors and the audience achieving a unique connection. We remind you that here the plays are usually in Catalan or Spanish. However, the theater has a multi-language subtitle service to be able to follow the plays that are performed without any inconvenience.



Located very close to the Teatro Nacional de Catalunya, this theater was created by Rafael Moneo and opened in 1999. It is usually intended for both classical music concerts and musical outreach in general. For this reason, it is known as the City of Music, because the Barcelona Music Museum is also located here. If you are a music lover this theater is for you. 



If you prefer a more modern theatre with contemporary shows, this theater, located on the famous Avenue del Paralel, specializes in comedy and musical shows, as well as other classic Spanish plays. Without a doubt, a different and fun way to live the culture in Barcelona. Remember that not far from there, there is the emblematic cabaret: El Molino, an institution in the shows of varicose veins, which also has more than a century of history in Barcelona.



In the 1930s, the busy Avenue of Paralel was known as the European Broadway, because it had a large concentration of theatres, superior to that of any other city in Europe, even more than London and Paris. 


One of those great survivors of that golden age of the Paralel, is the Teatre Condal, an enclosure inaugurated in 1903 that has a lot of history to its credit. Here you can enjoy top-notch artists and shows, where classic national and international works stand out, among many other proposals that make your visit attractive.



It is a small theater opened in 1919 and is very close to Plaza de Catalunya. Without a doubt, it is an unbeatable option to enjoy zarzuelas, modern musicals and monologues of the main comedians of Spain. If you want to enjoy a different atmosphere with the best contemporary shows, this theater is your best choice. 


We hope that with this post you will know a little more about what are the most interesting theaters in the city so that you can enjoy the art and culture of Barcelona to the fullest. And remember that in Xior we want your stay in the city of Barcelona to be an experience for a lifetime and that is why we want to become for you the best student accommodation in Barcelona. If you want to keep up with all our latest news and promotions, we invite you to follow us on  Instagram.


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