Documentation needed to study in Barcelona.

All the previous bureaucratic procedures you need to study in Barcelona.

If you have already decided on Barcelona as your future home for the upcoming months, today in Xior Diagonal Besós we share a few simple tips to facilitate all the procedures that you must carry out before your arrival to the city of Barcelona.

The first thing you need

is getting admitted to one of the prestigious Catalan universities. Once you already have been accepted in the academic institution of your liking, there are several other requirements that you need to accredit, especially when you come from a country outside the European Union. Our recommendation is that you contact the consulate of Spain located in your country as soon as possible, where you will find all the answers to your questions.

Remember that the fundamental thing

is to know well all the documentation you need to enter the Spanish territory, such as the legal issues in reference to your passport or visa, as well as the luggage that you are allowed to carry on your move as a student. Another of the most important points are the medical coverage, your financial guarantee and, above all, the accommodation that will host you in Barcelona.

Do not forget that in Xior Diagonal Besóswe will help you in what you need regarding your accommodation in Barcelona, offering you all the comforts that will make you feel at home, making your stay a wonderful experience.

When we talk about the previous paperwork before coming to Barcelona, these will depend strictly on your nationality. If your study period does not exceed three months, you can come to Spain without problems with a tourist visa. However, if you exceed those 3 months, you will need to make a student visa that can be renewed while in Barcelona or even on an annual basis.

Once you are already in Barcelona, if you want to extend your stay here, you will have to justify the reason for this extension. To do this, you will have to go to the National Police to argue that you need a special permit, either for your training or research activities, unpaid professional practices, or volunteer service, among others.

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