Enjoy October with the best events in Barcelona

All the plans that you cannot miss in October are brought to you by Xior Diagonal Besòs, your university residence in Barcelona

We know that autumn is a very special season in Barcelona. Especially when it comes from the hand of an irregular climate, even with the memories of the long summer and with the constipation every day. However, to say that October is a sad month in Barcelona would be the biggest lie, since if you live in the Catalan capital there are no ugly months, far from it. For that reason, today at Xior Diagonal Besòs, your university residence in Barcelona, ​​we tell you that October is a spectacular month where you can enjoy many plans that you would never have imagined before. And that is why we share the best plans with the most interesting events that will make you enjoy the city to the fullest. Take note!

A bit of Sónar to warm up your engines

The pandemic has left a lot of damage in the cultural life of Barcelona. However, after having to suspend this year’s edition together with that of 2020, the Sónar organization, always so attentive to its loyal audience, has created a smaller but at the same time very special format. Therefore, if you are lovers of electronic music, do not miss this great opportunity to experience the moments of Sónar with an aperitif that will take place from October 27 to 30 and that you can discover here.

Discover the work of Klimt

Barcelona is a synonym for constant art. This is demonstrated by the staging of the work of the genuine artist Gustav Klimt, who is based in Poblenou and brings us a 360-degree digital show, which is more than an artistic exhibition to live a first-person experience. A 100% immersive exhibition that you can enjoy at the IDEAL Center d’Arts Digitals in Barcelona. Here you can relive the essence of Klimt’s work and see how he takes over the walls, making you connect at all times with the artistic expression of this Austrian genius of modernism. If art is your thing, you cannot miss this impressive staging.

Documentaries at ‘In-Edit’ 2021

The stories take place at the 2021 “In-Edit” festival. And here you can find the most impressive stories told on the big screen of the Aribau cinema and where they undoubtedly acquire another dimension. In addition, we are not referring to any type of stories, but to stories wrapped in the best music. Perhaps that explains the success of the In-Edit festival, the only one of its kind, which was born in Barcelona more than 18 years ago. After a year where, due to the pandemic, it had to be done 100% online, in this new edition In-Edit once again surprises us with its original proposals for documentaries from around the world and for all tastes. Take note because from October 28 the best documentary festivals in Spain have landed again at the Aribau cinemas in the heart of Barcelona.

Get your adrenaline pumping completely

Is pure adrenaline your thing? Then you have to discover the zip lines, V-shaped bridges, hanging platforms, which we are sure will make you live an experience full of emotion. Although many say that after the summer and with the return to the routine what the body asks of us is a little order. The truth is that a little physical energy and a little emotion are the perfect key for us to disconnect body and soul with ourselves. If you have an adventurous spirit, then it is the ideal time for you to come every weekend in October to let off steam and put stress aside in the Adventure Circuits in Catalonia in Miniature. A unique experience that you must live at least once while living in Barcelona.

Live a night experience with the Draconids

The sky of Barcelona always brings us pleasant surprises. And precisely this year we came across the well-known Draconids, a name that refers to the constellation of the Dragon, which is characterized by being little known for the little light it gives off despite its size. We refer to a shower of stars that will take place in mid-October and today here we tell you what they are, how and where to see them. If you are a person who loves the stars, then here you have a perfect plan to receive autumn in the middle of nature, whether from Tibidabo, Montjuic or the Collserola forest, you choose where.

Go up to see what’s cooking at ‘Viu Montjuic’

The nature of Barcelona has always been in Montjuic. A perfect place to disconnect from the city without the need to leave it. So, we tell you that now in October there are also open days in museums, guided tours, food, drink, music, theater, dance, all thanks to the ‘Viu Montjuic, the park of culture’, Take note because It will be this weekend of October 16 and 17, in which culture and leisure will fill the mountain with life. If you like nature and want a bit of culture, this initiative will help you get to know the culture of Barcelona even more.

Discover what it’s like to have a cocktail in Somnia

Can you imagine living in Barcelona during its younger twenties? Well, then we tell you that this is possible, since now you can enter the night of its streets and find yourself in a luxury place with the best fun in the style of the 20s. We refer to Somnia, which in addition to being a cocktail bar of quality, it is an attraction that gives us an immersive experience where all the details are taken care of, together with a cast of experienced magicians who bring the magic of the night to your table.

As you can see, Barcelona offers you great plans with the best events during October. Now that you know how to enjoy them and also combine the beginning of your university classes with the best fun. Remember that at Xior Diagonal Besós we are your university residence where you will live an unforgettable experience, and we have everything you need to fully live in Barcelona.

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We wish you a fantastic october!