Get to Know Xior Diagonal Besòs

Choosing where you will live during your university life is not an easy task. You will face a lot of different types of services, options, and even scams. Finding a reliable place is a great step to start your research process and that’s why we’d like to introduce Xior Besòs.

Xior Diagonal Besòs is part of a student housing network with more than 15 years of experience in Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal. Xior residences are spread in more than 30 cities, with over 130 residences. Xior is home to thousands of happy students around the world. A place where they can call home.

Xior Diagonal Besòs is a new student residence in Barcelona, located on Diagonal Besòs UPC Barcelona Tech Campus, with more than 148,000 m², where education, science, and technology coexist. The residence becomes the centre of university life, the perfect option for national or international students, teachers, and researchers who are looking for accommodation in Barcelona.

At Xior we guarantee an optimal environment for personal development and study. There is a team of people who are at your disposal, offering a quality service whose objective is to make you feel at home, comfortable, and safe, and make the most of your study hours.

Build your exciting story with us in our student accommodation.