How to celebrate Halloween and Castañada in Barcelona

All you need to know about how to celebrate Halloween and the Chestnut Tree in Barcelona with the best tips from Xior Diagonal Besòs, your university residence


When the end of October comes, we will have a big celebration, we are talking about Halloween. An American party that has been exported to all parts of the world, even more so in a city like Barcelona that is full of foreigners.

However, did you know that on November 1 the Castanyada is celebrated in Catalonia? Then you will wonder…

What are we celebrating in Barcelona? ` As it is the Chestnut and Halloween, two bank holidays with old tradition have common characteristics between them, but also many differences.

For that reason, today at The Lofttown, your unique residence in Barcelona, we tell you all about these two traditional celebrations that have something in common, it is death.

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What is celebrated in the Castañada?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, there is a great connection between Halloween and La Castañada, since both festivities emphasize precisely death.

Even if it’s a moment of union which we try to remember our close people and now aren’t with us anymore, each of them has a particular way of celebrating that moment.

In one side, the Castañada is a funeral ritual in which eating the food that the land generates at that time to the memory of dead people. And what does the earth produce during October?

In Catalonia are produced chestnuts, sweet potatoes, candied fruit, in addition to sweets specially made in sugar, almonds, potatoes and sweet potatoes. And what do these foods have in common? Because they are very caloric and in the past, they also helped to spend better the autumn and climate change.


What is celebrated on Halloween?

On the other hand, when we talk about Halloween, means a pagan holiday that is linked to All Saints Day, which in turn is connected with the Chestnut Tree.

In this party of American origin, it is also about celebrating the theme of death, alluding to all the themes of the darker elements, such as ghosts and horror characters.

Although unlike the Chestnut Tree, Halloween is transmitted with a high level of black humor get stronger in the last century.

On Halloween, people wear horror and scary mask, walking on the streets to ask candy, although this tradition is more connected with the United States.



What are the differences between Halloween and Chestnut?

The Chestnut originates from the funeral meals that were celebrated in the 18th century and in order to remember the deceased. During the Castañada people chose to eat chestnuts, sweet potatoes, candied fruit and the famous panallets.

At the moment, the Castañada festival is celebrated by joining the family to eat these products, usually chestnuts and sweet potatoes roasted in the oven and, as a dessert, the famous panallets.

Although many families advance the celebration coinciding with Halloween night on October 31. Then on November 1 families visit the cemeteries of close people dead to remember them.

While we’re speaking of Halloween, this holiday has its roots a mix of the two traditions, All Saints Day, it’s a Christian celebration commemorating the saints and also the souls who have ascended to heaven, and the Celtic tradition of Samhain, is a pagan celebration considered the Celtic New Year. This event includes themes related to death, but in a fun way

And you… what party do you prefer? We are sure that in Barcelona you will always find a occasion to celebrate both festivities in the best way.

Now that you know what is celebrated at La Castañada and on Halloween and how to make the best plans for these dates. Remember that at The Lofttown we want to count on you in our residence to live the best experience, while you study in Barcelona so that you become one of our resident.

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We wish you a good Chestnut and fun Halloween!