How to choose the best university to study in Barcelona

All the information you need to know to choose the best university in Barcelona and all the wide academic offers that you will find in the city of Barcelona

Living in Barcelona becomes a great opportunity for many young students, whether Spanish or foreign, eager to acquire new knowledge and live new experiences. In this sense, finding the best university in Barcelonato carry out their studies optimally becomes, together with the choice of an adequate university residence, the most important priority for all these young people so that their academic stay is the best there is.

If you have already decided to spend an academic season in Barcelona, whether it is an Erasmus, a master’s degree, or a specialization; and yet you still do not know which university suits you best… Do not worry! Because today at Xior Diagonal Besòs we bring you a complete post with all the essential information you need to know to choose the best university in Barcelonathat fully suits your academic and economic requirements.

Next, we invite you to read today’s blog carefully because we will explain the most important information about the main Catalan universities and their academic offers. Will you join us? Take notes! Will you join us? Take notes!

Why choose Barcelona?

As we said before, the Catalan capital has several universities that enjoy great prestige internationally. Barcelona also offers a wide academic program which allows you to study any type of university degree or specialization.

This aspect undoubtedly makes it one of the most successful cities among young students looking to find an ideal place, both culturally and academically, to study abroad for a while, explore, and live new experiences. All of this in addition to the perfect location Barcelona enjoys, being in front of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona stands out by its cosmopolitan spirit and a wide range of interesting leisure, sporting, and artistic attractions, which can only be found while living in this fantastic city.

All these elements become a great magnet that attracts many young students from all over the world every year, who come to Barcelona with all the eagerness in the world assured that here they will really live a unique and fascinating experience.

Useful tips for choosing your future university in Barcelona

From Xior Diagonal Besòs, we would like to share some practical tips that you should keep in mind before deciding on Barcelona as the city that will be your place of study for a season. Next, we tell you about the most important public and private universities that coexist in the city of Barcelona and what they can offer you:

Top Catalan universities

Polytechnic University of Catalonia

If you’re looking for a science university, the UPC is your best bet. This institution is characterized by being an international reference in engineering, architecture, science and technology studies, which are the four essential pillars that attract a lot of foreign talent each year. This institution is characterized by being an international reference in engineering, architecture, science and technology studies, which are the four essential pillars that attract a lot of foreign talent each year.

University of Barcelona

If we think of a university historically connected to Barcelona and Catalonia, we think of the UB. This university is the oldest in the city and the one with the biggest number of students in all its faculties distributed throughout several points in Barcelona. Likewise, the UB is an institution that offers the widest training offer compared to other Catalan universities.

Moreover, this university is also characterized by being the main research center in Spain and one of the most important around Europe. If you are looking for a study center with history while combining the traditional values of the city, you should know that the UB is the perfect place for you, since it mixes innovation, tradition, and academic excellence, which will make you live your university experience in Barcelona to the fullest.

On another note, the UB is characterized by most of its faculties being spread throughout the city. It also has a huge university campus. This aspect greatly influences foreign students who want to study in Barcelona and at the same time, be in the center of the city. Economically, as a public university, prices are much more accessible compared to other institutions.

Autonomous University of Barcelona

This public university is one of the most requested by Spanish and foreign students. The UAB is defined by having a huge campus located on the outskirts of Barcelona, specifically in Bellaterra, about 25 minutes from the city center. If you are one of those who prefer a full connection with nature on a campus outside the noise of the city, this university campus is ideal to live your academic life to the fullest in every way. In turn, the UAB is a multidisciplinary university that is linked to the development and research activities that are applied to all its university degrees.

Pompeu Fabra University

The UPF is a public academic institution characterized by its high level of demand and quality in its teachers. Likewise, it is a university that receives many foreign students and encourages research adhered to international vocation. Its wide academic range places it as a reference in Europe and the whole world. If you are looking for a demanding, top-notch university, UPF is the perfect university for you. En referencia a los precios, esta universidad pese a ser pública está por encima de las demás, lo cual se fundamenta en el prestigiosa que goza y en la excelencia de sus docentes.

Ramón Llull University

The URL is the non-profit, humanist, and Christian university per excellence in Barcelona. A multidisciplinary institution that offers many types of degrees and specialties, always promoting a public service. In addition, it offers many international programs for foreign students in all its faculties and is characterized by providing quality training that provides answers to the needs of society, all through humanities-based teaching. This university is private, and its costs are a little high compared to public universities. However, the investment is worth it because it provides a high-level education with teachers of high international prestige.

What other academic offers are there?

In addition to the main universities mentioned above you can also find many other academic institutions such as schools and specialized centers. Among this wide range with international standing are schools specialized in design, art, technology. Plenty of creative careers, the ones which stand out the most are fashion design, photography, film, and advertising arts.

Barcelona is a city with a creative spirit that 100% pulses in each of its corners. Therefore, in this fantastic city there are many schools that have an international prestige, to highlight a few: ELISAVA, BSC, ESCAC, BAU, ESADE, EADA, IESE, LLOTJA among many others.

In short…

As you can appreciate Barcelona is not only a paradise to live a holiday season, but it is also an ideal city to make an academic stay with all thecomforts and, above all, it is a city where you will get high knowledge taught by the best universities of Spain.

For that reason, if you are thinking of living a different experience in your academic life immersed in the Catalan capital, remember that you can always count on Xior Diagonal Besós where you will find the best university residence for national or foreign students in Barcelona. With us you will live to the maximum the essence of the city and we have everything you need to make your university life in Barcelona unforgettable.

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