How to find the best summer courses in Barcelona

All the tips you should know to choose the best summer courses while you live in Xior Diagonal Besos, the best university residence in Barcelona


With the arrival of summer, it is also time for the much-deserved vacation after a long academic year. However, many of our residents are more eager to Barcelona and, therefore, extend their stay during the summer months. However, there are those who not only want to vacation and spend all their time partying and on the paradisiacal beaches of the Catalan coast.

On the contrary, there are also those who want to take summer courses to improve their skills and knowledge, learn languages, among others. For that reason, today at Xior Diagonal Besos we bring you an informative post with everything you need to know to choose the best summer courses. You want to know more? Welcome to our blog for university residents in Barcelona!


The best summer courses in Barcelona

Barcelona is an ideal city to acquire new knowledge in the subject that most appeals to you or that you need for your professional training. For example, if what you want is to study languages, such as Spanish, English and Catalan, without the need to go too far, then living a summer with intensive courses in Barcelona is a fantastic idea for you to combine your holidays in the best way .

And the fact is that in the Catalan capital a large number of renowned academies converge, even from the best universities in Barcelona, ​​which are dedicated to teaching intensive courses during the summer months, so you can learn the language you want to the fullest and immerse yourself in complete in an intensive course taught by the best native teachers in the sector.
Time to trade
Likewise, if you want to go further in your learning outside the classrooms of language schools, then you have to know that thanks to the number of foreign students who reside in Barcelona each year, your language exchange options are innumerable.

And this is why it gives you the option of joining a language exchange group, attending social meetings or finding an ideal partner to practice in an intense and fun way with real conversations where you will learn a lot. However, it should be noted that the vast majority of these language centers in Barcelona also have the respective accreditation for the preparation of official exams, which will help you to demonstrate your professional knowledge of the language in the future.

When you are Erasmus

On the other hand, remember that if you are one of the lucky students who will be living an Erasmus in Barcelona during the next academic year, then the summer months are not only the best option to learn the local language, but also to adapt to the city ​​well in advance and you adapt correctly to the environment prior to the pressure that the beginning of classes means in September.

In our university residence we want our future residents to experience complete comfort even before arriving in Barcelona. Therefore, we will provide you with a list of summer courses exclusively designed for foreign students who want to start the course with a good dose of the language or other subjects that they will need throughout the year.


Barcelona, ​​a city to learn

In the same way, we remind you that the Catalan capital is known worldwide as one of the European capitals of design and creativity. Therefore, in Barcelona you can find many interesting summer courses, which focus on graphic design, fashion design, interior design, video game design, photography, among many others. At the same time, you can also perfect your knowledge through the wide range of intensive courses and practical workshops where you can unleash all your potential and talent to enrich your portfolio.

It should be noted that Barcelona is also one of the European cities that offers the largest number of MBA programs. For that reason, Barcelona is filled with countless students from all over the world every year. In addition, all these university centers offer intensive courses in economics, finance and business administration during the summer. Without a doubt, a splendid option both to complement your training and to get you started in the business world.

We hope that with this post you have learned much more about where and how to study the best intensive courses during the summer in Barcelona. And remember that at Xior Diagonal Besos we want to be part of your stay in Barcelona, ​​always giving you everything you need to live an unforgettable experience. Therefore, our goal is to become for you the best student accommodation in Barcelona.

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Have a great summer!