Study rooms, multimedia and coworking.

Study, read, relax, watch the last season of “La casa de papel” on Netflix or the end of the Champions League in your spare time.
Perform to the maximum.

Comfortable facilities that will help you work in your future and get closer to the professional world you aspire to reach. Fully equipped rooms to share ideas and knowledge. You will learn with your peers in the student residence.

If you need privacy, you would like to present a project, organize a meeting …

We also have the space for you.

All our meeting rooms have:

Natural light 





35 m2

20 pax.

60 m2

30 pax.

40 m2

20 pax.

100 m2

40 pax.

Outside areas

We care about your well-being and inner peace.

The garden areas allow you to rest between study sessions in the common rooms of the university residence, or simply socialize outside your studio.

An ideal corner!

You and your friends can enjoy a game of ping-pong, a moment of relaxation on the patio benches, talk to your neighbour while the laundry finishes … and dance in the parties we organize.