Practice sport totally free in Barcelona

All the secrets you need to know to practice sport totally free in Barcelona

Barcelona is a super active city that moves, and a lot. Therefore, it is easy to find in each of its corners many young people who stay in shape, without the need to go to a gym or sports center, thanks to the city having many open spaces to practice sport in total comfort and with the best views.

For that reason, today in Xior Diagonal Besós we bring you an interesting post telling you what are all those places that are perfect to do sport totally free in Barcelona. Take notes!

The exercise spaces of Barceloneta

Being strong without having to go to the gym is very simple in Barcelona. Especially if you are facing the sea where you can find many outdoor gyms, perfect for you to tone your muscles alone or accompanied by many other young athletes, who like you, seek to combine their academic life with a fit style within the best youthful atmosphere by the sea.

Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea

Health experts say swimming is one of the most complete sports out there. And in that sense, Barcelona and its huge Mediterranean coastline become an ideal space, thanks to its calm and transparent waters, thus making the practice of swimming a real pleasure.

Run wherever you want

In Barcelona there are several marathons a year for both experts and amateurs. However, no matter your running level you can always have a race in any neighborhood of the city such as: by the city center, by the sea or in the middle of the mountain. Remember that in the city of Barcelona you will find many runners who like you seek to enjoy the city but also in a healthy way.

Climb to your liking

If you like climbing in Barcelona you have two fantastic options. We mean Montjuic and Tibidabo, two perfect mountains to climb with friends or as a couple, where you will find fabulous views of the city that will make you discover that magical and romantic side of Barcelona next to nature.

Don’t worry Bike happy

If you want to move sustainably in Barcelona you have many options. Among them, the bicingservice that has thousands of lanes throughout the city stands out. This aspect makes the city a splendid place for you to ride a bike without any problem. However, if you have decided to have your own bike we recommend that you buy a padlock to avoid theft.

Be a skater

Who hasn’t come across hundreds of skaters unleashing their talent all over Barcelona? Whether you are a professional or not of skateboarding, moving in this way will make you live the city in a different way. Without a doubt, you will enjoy a lot of Barcelona’s spirit with total autonomy and at your own pace.

Yoga and the Ohmmm moment with views

Away from the stress and noise of the city you can also practice the ancient art of yoga on the beach, the forest or on the mountain. Barcelona offers you many options for you to disconnect body and soul, focusing on your own mental well-being. Also, remember that you will also find groups of young students who like you seek to give a little peace to their busy academic routines.

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