Residence in Barcelona vs an apartment

3 reasons to choose a student residence in Barcelona vs an apartment: Environment, security, and services.

A student residence in Barcelona offers a homogeneous environment; all residents belong to the academic world, people with the same concerns and motivations, even taking the same degrees or masters. The common areas of this type of accommodation are the perfect place to take advantage of your studies and make friends for life!

At Xior Diagonal Besòs we make sure to create an optimal atmosphere and welcome you as you deserve. Residents adapt quickly to college life. We are inside the Campus, teachers, researchers, administrative staff, and students walk daily through the facilities of the residence.

Safety is then one of the most valued aspects for parents. The regulations of these student buildings in Barcelona are much more demanding. Fire protection and detection systems, access controls, security cameras and personnel whose mission is to ensure the safety of residents. Xior staff are trained and available for taking care of residents at all times. We invite you to check the Parents and Residents section to resolve your questions about the operation and rules of residence.

Finally, the services offered by a residence is the added value rather than what you can find in the apartment building. Weekly cleaning, restaurant, concierge, gym, laundry, activities and much more… Services included in the monthly installments so you don’t have surprises, pay the same month to month. Take a look at all what we can offer you, join the #xiorfamily.

If you these reasons are not enough for you to choose a residence instead of an apartment, and you want to know more, see the link below,

A student residence in Barcelona

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