We take care of you day and night at our student residence. We will give you a warm welcome, our goal is to create a community where you feel comfortable and confident, we will be your second family.

A personal


where the door is always open.

100% secure, fast network

High-speed Internet connection anywhere in the university residence, each room has its own router and its own password ensuring data protection.


Our Housekeeping team will dedicate their time to leave your studio impecable and furthermore they will change your linen and towels once per week.

Likewise, the cleaning staff ensures that the common areas are perfectly clean. They are a luxury, take advantage of them!


Do you have a technical fault? Something is not working? Our maintenance team will come to your rescue! Don’t worry about anything.


In Xior you are safe, we have qualified staff, video surveillance circuit with 62 cameras, exclusive access for our residents, along with the security of the Campus we create a 100% safe environment.


Telephone Medical Assistance 24 hours a day.


Table Tennis




¡Mens sana in corpore sano!

Open 24 hours, time will not be an obstacle to maintain your daily routine, exercise your body at the GYM, at the Campus park or at the beach.


Doing laundry from your phone?​

That’s correct. At Xior we have a self-service laundry, which you can book with just one click. You can concentrate on your things and when the clothes are ready… You will receive an alert on your phone!

For your convenience, both soap and fabric softener are included!

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