The best places to get fit in Barcelona outdoors

All the tips you should know to get fit and practice outdoor sports in Barcelona that you cannot miss

Getting fit in Barcelona is an easy task. And it is that in the Catalan capital it is an ideal city to practice outdoor sports without complications, at your own pace and thanks to the good weather that the city enjoys throughout the year.

For this reason, at Xior Diagonal Bèsos, your exclusive university residence in Barcelona, ​​we bring you a list of the best ideas for practicing outdoor sports in Barcelona and also enjoying the city.

Shall we start? Ready, Steady, Go!


The beautiful nature of Collserola

The Carretera de les Aigües is a perfect plan to get in shape with nature by your side. We refer to a 20 km path in the hills of Barcelona located along the Collserola mountain, an ideal corner to escape from the city.

In addition, here you can also practice sports, enjoying the fresh air and without pollution or the stress of the city. On the other hand, you will also enjoy privileged views of all of Barcelona.

Here you will find a fairly wide path that offers plenty of space for walkers, cyclists and runners. A route in the mountains that will help you completely disconnect from your routine in the city.


A relaxed walk on Montjuïc

If you don’t want to go too far or don’t have private transportation, then Montjuïc is a perfect solution for you and also just as pleasant. Therefore, if you want to exercise at your own pace and in a privileged environment just a few minutes from the city, this is where you have to come, either on foot or by bicycle.

To better locate yourself, you can go up the hill of Montjuic through the MNAC, the CaixaForum, the Poble Espanyol, the Miró Foundation, the enormous Olympic village and also the numerous gardens that you will find before reaching the final destination, which is the majestic castle of Montjuïc. From up here you will have an impressive postcard of Barcelona that you will enjoy very much.


Get fit on the beach

Who said that beaches are only to be enjoyed in summer? Nothing is more false than reality, since on the beaches of Barcelona, ​​especially in the city center such as Barceloneta, you will not only find tourists walking or beach bars.

And it is that here it is also a privileged place for athletes of any kind, because it is perfect for running along the coast and you take advantage of the facilities placed along the coast.


A good swim in the Mediterranean

In the sea, life is more tasty and even more so if you take a good dip at any time of the year. A perfect option to do sports for free and also in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Currently, you have many apps that will help you find all the necessary information in real time, for example about: the color of the flag, the speed of the wind, the temperature of the day and the quality of the water, especially the presence of jellyfish.

Of course, remember that you are in February and it is cold. So if you want to get into it during the winter season, you will have to also wear a wetsuit.


Volleyball or Tennis wherever you want

If you like team sports, you should know that in Barcelona there are several common areas fully equipped with facilities for practicing group sports.

For example, you will find the places at the beginning of the beach, where you can play petanque, beach volleyball, table tennis and more. Likewise, in El Born, there is a soccer and basketball field with free access. There is also a ping pong table, as in the Oreneta and Santa Amèlia parks to Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and other neighborhoods in the city.


The moment of the scooter or skate

Barcelona is characterized by being full of skaters and people on scooters. That is why it is considered as a European capital of skateboarding and the culture that revolves around it. So, in Barcelona there are many skate parks spread throughout the city, especially in the city center and on the beach.

However, the epicenter of the skate world in Barcelona, ​​where many young skaters meet, is undoubtedly in front of the MACBA, where the skate spirit is lived to the fullest.


Are you ready to get fit in Barcelona? Surely yes!

So we hope that with this complete list of places to practice outdoor sports that we have shared with you today, you are ready to enjoy February to the fullest with your friends by getting in shape.

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Enjoy Barcelona!