The best plans to enjoy spring in Barcelona

Everything you need to know about the best plans to make the most of spring in Barcelona

Spring is already here and in Xior Diagonal Bess we know this very well. And like you, we are very grateful that the days are longer and sunnier, which is when you really want to do activities of all kinds enjoying yourself completely outdoors. It is also the ideal time to renew yourself, recharge yourself with positivism and, of course, to plan getaways that allow you to disconnect from the city and fill yourself with energy.

For that reason in our university residence, we not only give you tips for your academic life, but we also propose super plans for you to enjoy spring season in Barcelona, as it is full of a variety of interesting offers that will make your experience in the city completely inolvidable. Do you want to know more? Take note of our 11 interesting tips!


1. A picnic in nature

When it is very cold or the heat is unbearable, picnicking in nature becomes an unwanted plan, both in winter and summer. However, when the spring sun arrives, it invites us to fully connect with nature, prepare the wicker basket with delicious snacks or a Tupperwith food of the day, a good book, our favorite music and leave home to eat with friends or family sitting so comfortably on a lawn or on one of the typical wooden tables that are located in the woods.

And you know what’s best about everything? Barcelona has many places to do so! From the formidable mountains such as Montseny or Collserola, to large parks, which are the lungs of the city, such as La Ciutadella or the Garden of the Palace of Pedralbes. Here we assure you that you will find a fairly quiet and cozy atmosphere, as they have many places where you can extend your blanket, lie down in total comfort and enjoy the shade of the trees next to the melody of the birds. In addition to that, whatever place you choose, you can always contemplate an incomparable landscape with all the plants that have already started to bloom, which will turn your picnic into a magical experience.

2. Markets and cultural events

The good weather makes people want to spend more time on the street, which I want and a lot especially when we have longer days with natural light. And in that sense, in Barcelona the plans are innumerable, despite the restrictions we currently live in. While it is true that macro events and festivals are canceled until after we have passed the pandemic, we can tell you that the townhalls organize small outdoor concerts, as well as cultural events such as beach cinema or neighborhood theater, fantastic plans that will make you enjoy the city from a different and very interesting perspective.

If the markets and flea markets typical of barcelona’s neighbourhoods are your thing, we invite you to walk through them where you can try all kinds of meals or also buy second-hand items in very good condition. All you must do is inform yourself of the markets that are organized every month during the weekends. On the other hand, the most important markets are the Boqueria or Sant Antoni, although they are very touristic, we recommend that you take a walk around so that you feel in first person the contact with fresh and high quality products.

3. Behold Barcelona from a viewpoint

We already know that Barcelona is full of thousands of beautiful places in which you can enjoy to the fullest the magic of the city. From the Collserola mountain range as we said above, you can practice your favorite sport, such as running or cycling, and you can also have a picnic while enjoying the wonderful views. Elsewhere in the city, we encourage you to head to the fantastic Miramar viewpoint located in Montjuic where you can contemplate much of the city, where you can also sit down for a drink comfortably on a beautiful terrace overlooking the city.

Finally, if with these two places is not enough, you can also go to the Bunkers del Carmel, a perfect place to enjoy the evening and sunset with a good bottle of wine and as a couple. You choose the views you prefer and the perfect company, Barcelona will offer the most beautiful viewpoints so that you can take the best photograph of the whole city with you.

4. Rediscover the city without being a tourista

With the good weather offered by spring, there is also the season of long walks around the city. And Barcelona is a splendid city if you want to give yourself a good walk and take advantage to make routes that bring you closer to the essence of Barcelona.

To do this there are many ways to rediscover Barcelona completely. For example, strolling along the beach of Barceloneta and its picturesque streets, visit Gaudí’s impressive Parc Güell which is also free for residents now, take a tour of the colorful Raval district and its exotic shops, go shopping on the elegant Passeig de Gracia, tour the small bars of the Born or go to eat at the good restaurants in Sant Antoni. As you can see the options are innumerable, you just have to decide what you want most.

5.Enjoy amusement parks

The best time of year to go to an amusement park is definitely spring. And in Barcelona you can’t miss the two great options that you have at hand. So we propose you to climb up to the amusement park of Tibidabo, from where you will also enjoy wonderful views of the city and a movie atmosphere.

If adrenaline is your thing, then take the train or car and head to the stunning amusement park of Port Aventura, which is the epicenter of the most fantastic rollercoasters you can’t miss.

6. Discover the city on foot or by bike

It is proven that Barcelona is very well connected to public transport either by underground, tram or bus. However, if you really want to enjoy the city as a local, we recommend that you forget about buses or underground tickets and go cycling, skateboarding or on foot.

Remember that it is a great time to tour the city! For this reason, we advise you to take walks throughout the city such as the splendid park of Joan Miró, visit all the buildings of Gaudí, the imposing castle of Montjuc or also the Ciutadella Park. We are convinced that these places are very good options for you to enjoy the color of Barcelona in the spring.

7. Strolling through Pedralbes Gardens

The gardens of Pedralbes Palace are those places you can’t miss because it’s just a wonderful place. And they are also considered the best gardens in all of Barcelona. Here you can find a wide variety of plants, especially bamboos, laurels, cedars, pines and, above all, a pergola designed by Gaudí himself stand out. In addition to its star tree ensemble, it has 23 Himalayan cedars. If you like nature this option is ideal for you.


8. Climb the Montjuïc Mountain

If spring is synonymous with nature and peace, then Montjuïc is your destination. Here you will not only find great vegetation but also emblematic and historical places of the city, from the facilities for the 1992 Olympic Games, the parks surrounding the Olympic Stadium, the castle, and the cemetery of Montjuc, as well as the water fountains and gardens to play sports or play with your pets.

If you still have the strength, we recommend that you climb to the top of the mountain to enjoy all the splendor of the Botanic Garden, where you can breathe the purest air of the city and disconnect from the hustle and bustle.

9.The Night of the Museums

If you like art and culture, we tell you that on the month of May Barcelona’s famous Night of museums happens. A unique event of its kind and you have to live it firsthand. And this is the perfect occasion for you to tour all the museums and cultural centers of Barcelona, free of charge and open to you with many activities for you to spend a fantastic and unforgettable night with friends.

10.The Barcelona Zoo

If you like animals and, you like to see them with tranquility without having to go on safari to Africa, let us tell you that in Barcelona you have the fantastic Zoo of the city that will make you live a unique experience with the most impressive fauna you would never imagine finding here. This enclosure has more than 7000 specimens of animals and 400 species, which are waiting for you to spend an unforgettable day with friends at the Zoo located next to the Parc de la Ciutadella.

11. Farewell to spring on St. John’s Night

When spring comes to an end, what better way to say farewell than with the typical St. John’s night on June 23, also known as the shortest night of the year. This verbena is spectacular and is celebrated throughout the city with fireworks and typical bonfires, a centuries-old custom that is wrapped in a unique mystery that you will never forget.

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