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Discover the best spring plans in April for you to enjoy in Barcelona and that you cannot miss


At Xior Diagonal Besòs we welcome the month of April with some tips that you cannot miss. And it is also that in this month when you say them they become longer, thanks to the fact that the day begins to darken later, a factor that is really appreciated and much, since it allows us to enjoy Barcelona even more and all the splendid plans that has for everyone.

For this reason, today at Xior Diagonal Besòs, your exclusive university residence facing the sea in Barcelona, ​​we bring you a post with the best plans for the month of April that includes a wide selection of markets, exhibitions, the most anticipated plays, the concerts of the month and many more plans for all tastes.

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Sant Jordi’s Day in Barcelona

Love and culture are a classic in the Catalan capital. However, in Catalonia, Sant Jordi’s Day is celebrated every year on April 23, which is when couples and friends give each other a rose and a book, regardless of order and gender.

For this reason, for many years in Barcelona this typical and beautiful exchange of gifts has been carried out, which is also not exclusive to couples, but also takes place between family and friends.

Currently, the genre of rose and books has changed a lot and it is normal for a man to receive a rose and a woman to receive a book.

The atmosphere is usually centered on the main central streets of Barcelona, ​​especially in the area of ​​Plaza Catalunya, Las Ramblas, Paseo de Gracia and in the main squares of the neighborhoods throughout the city.

It is here where you can find people living off a festive day, going out for a walk through the large number of stalls that sell roses and books throughout Barcelona.

Holy Week in Barcelona

This 2022 Holy Week falls in the month of April, so the city is filled with tourists eager to discover the essence of Barcelona.

However, as these are very special dates, which is also when the vast majority of Barcelonans choose to leave the city, keep in mind that the main neighborhoods of Barcelona always organize cultural and religious events in commemoration of Easter.

That is why we recommend you to investigate on the council’s websites or get lost in the city to let it surprise you at your own pace and style. Finally, you can always visit the main churches of the city, where the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, the Cathedral of Barcelona or the Cathedral of the Sea among many others stand out.



April Fair in Catalonia

Although the April fair is an authentic celebration of Seville, in recent years it has also been celebrated in other corners of the Spanish territory, such as Barcelona. Due to the great Andalusian immigration in Catalonia, the April fair is also held in the Catalan capital with great commercial success that lasts until May.

So if you like to get to know more cultures outside of Barcelona, ​​we invite you to discover the essence of Seville and its customs on the esplanade of the Parc del Fòrum where you can enjoy live music, dances and typical food together with the best atmosphere of the flamenco tradition. that you cannot miss.

Handmade Festival Barcelona

Barcelona is a city full of creative entrepreneurs. For this reason, there is a tendency to consume articles made by hand and by local artists who are in the world of fashion.

With this concept, the Handmade Festival was born with great success, which is an event that brings together handmade designers, artists and creatives, who focus on creating handmade products.

In this festival you can enjoy the great creations of the best craftsmen in the city that will surprise you.

World Press Photo Exhibition

The most important international exhibition of Photojournalism lands in Barcelona like every year. So mark your agendas well because during this month of April and all of May you will be able to see in Barcelona the best photojournalism works in the world that attract many foreign visitors and that meet at the CCCB Contemporary Center for Modern Art in the heart of Barcelona. the city.

April marathons

Barcelona is perfect for running and that is why it is not surprising that several marathons are held in the Catalan capital every year. In that sense, April is no exception and it is when two of the cures with the most reception among the public coincide during this month. We refer to the course of the firefighters and the course of the English Court.

Both options are paid and each year they are filled with thousands of participants. Therefore, if you are an athlete and you want to leave your mark in a marathon in Barcelona, ​​we recommend that you sign up for one of these two important courses. We are sure that you will have a great time touring the city in a unique way.

Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell

Tennis lovers in Barcelona have a mandatory appointment this April. We are referring to the Conde Godó Trophy, as it was formerly known, and where the best tennis players in the world meet in mid-April for two weeks to play the tennis tournament on clay.

We encourage you to see your world tennis stars live in a different atmosphere at the Village del Godó. If you like tennis and want to experience it in the first person, this is an event that you cannot miss. Remember that tickets are already on sale.


Concerts in Barcelona during April

During the month of April there are big concerts in the Catalan capital.

For example, C. Tangana and his tour Without singing or tuning on April 23, Nothing but Thieves on April 25, Lang Lang on April 22, Novo Amor on April 24, Mago de Oz on April 30, The Death South on April 21st, Eagles of Death Metal, Trentemoller on April 12th, Che Sudaka on April 30th among others.

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