The best ways to learn Spanish in Barcelona

All the secrets you need to know to learn Spanish effectively while living an academic season in Barcelona

Studying in Barcelona is a lifelong experience. However, we assure you that if you also learn Spanish perfectly while living here, you will see how your academic opportunities will be much more satisfying. And that is why in Barcelona there is a great offer to learn Spanish, thanks to the number of foreign students who move each year to the Catalan capital.

For that reason, today at Xior Diagonal Besos, we give you a few simple tips to learn or improve your Spanish in the best way and with great results.

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Language schools

Choosing a language school is the traditional option to learn Spanish. And in Barcelona you can find a wide variety of schools, for all levels and at different prices, that will help you a lot to learn in the best way this wonderful language with total comfort together with professionals.

However, we remind you that each language school has a price that varies according to its prestige and the quality of its teachers. Prices typically range from 100 to 400 Euros, depending on the school.

However, remember also that if you need to extend learning time, either by reinforcement or because you really think you can perfect yourself, some places offer you special offers through an annual payment. Finally, one detail that you must consider, is to check that the center you have chosen has the

Cervantes Institute certification level to ensure an accreditation document throughout the world.


They say that good things cost and learning a language is no exception, especially if you’ve opted for private lessons. In this sense this option is usually the favorite of those foreigners who already have a basic knowledge of Spanish or seek to perfect it with the help of a private teacher who has a proven experience.

In Barcelona, the prices of the private lessons usually hover around 30 euros per hour, depending on the quality and knowledge of the teacher you have chosen. We know that there are cases that the price can reach up to 50 euros without incurring the extra expenses such as travel or teaching material.

Therefore, we recommend you to find the Spanish teacher always visiting reliable portals so that you do not get an unexpected surprise.

Apps to learn Spanish

Technology is becoming the best ally for learning new languages. Therefore, if you live glued to your mobile and don’t like traditional options, then Spanish learning apps are the perfect idea for you. Especially today, when there is social estating due to Covid 19 and virtual solutions become the most favorable route for learning or teleworking.

One point to note is that this apps not only processes but are also fun, simple and interactive, because they have everything you need to learn Spanish perfectly, as well as a series of different levels of learning, ranging from games to speech recognition.


International Meetings

In Barcelona, all languages are spoken where English may predominate as the main language among foreign students. However, here you will meet many people from all over the world who also strive to speak Spanish every day and gather for it frequently. Especially now that through social networks the capacity to call is greater and it will be very easy to find events and exchange groups every day in the city.

In that sense, any social activity is the perfect excuse to meet new people and improve your Spanish. Whether in a bar, practicing your favorite sport or even working on professional projects.

Courses in college

If you already speak Spanish, it is time for you to arm yoursose of value and enroll in subjects of your university taught in this language. In addition to learning Spanish much more academically while studying some subject of your profession, you will also be surrounded by other Spanish-speaking students who will help you better communicate during each class.

Our advice is that you forget English if you really want to learn the language well and prioritize Spanish as the predominant language in your daily life in Barcelona. Given the large number of Erasmus students arriving in the city each year, each university offers a large number of free Spanish courses for its foreign students. So you have no excuse.

Friends forever in Barcelona

Friendship is the best formula for learning a lot in life. And we know that when it comes to learning Spanish perfectly making friends who speak Spanish plays a very important role. That’s why we recommend new people from Barcelona or other Latin American countries to help you practice the language to the fullest every day.

We hope that with this post you will know a little more about what are the most interesting ways to learn Spanish in the city so that you can enjoy Barcelona to the fullest. And remember that in Xior we want your stay in the city of Barcelona to be an experience of a lifetime and that is why we want to become for you the best student accommodation in Barcelona. If you want to keep up with all our latest news and promotions, we invite you to follow us on  Instagram.

We are looking forward to it in our residence!