The most interesting walking routes in Barcelona

All the most interesting routes you need to know to tour Barcelona on foot in the best way in spring

Barcelona is a fantastic city and full of hundreds of places to visit at any time of the year. Here you will find all kinds of attractions and activities, leisure, cultural and colorful, that will make you know the city from its deepest bowels, in the best style as if you were already another Barcelonan. For that reason, today we want to share with you the most interesting walking routes so that you discover all the magic of Barcelona at your own pace.

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Walks through the historic center of Barcelona

The best way to get to know Barcelona is definitely on foot. This is the ideal way to explore all those magical little corners that you can find in the heart of Barcelona, both in the Gothic, Born and Ravals neighborhoods, which are a must-see destination to start getting to know the city.

Therefore, our recommendation is that you start your walking tour of the oldest neighborhood of Barcelona, we mean the Gothic Quarter, which is also one of the most charming neighborhoods in the entire Catalan capital and it also has a lot of history. Here you will enjoy all the medieval atmosphere of the city with some of its most emblematic churches and famous squares throughout Europe.

Next, continue along the Raval which is a neighborhood that has a lot of personality and a somewhat peculiar atmosphere, just to a great movement of commercial activities of all kinds, being perhaps the most multicultural neighborhood of Barcelona. As you walk around here you will see how many cultures that coexist in total harmony, together with local people and tourists, and are merged without any major problems.

Finally, close your walk in the Born district which is one of the most modern places in Barcelona and that enjoys that bohemian or spirit that characterizes the city so much. If you are looking to enjoy the nightlife, with concept bars and trendy restaurants, this is the neighborhood you have to walk through yes or yes.

A walk on the shores of the Mediterranean

If you are looking for a walk by the sea, then La Barceloneta is your ideal destination. It is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Barcelona and has many attractions that will make you enjoy to the fullest the marine atmosphere of this legendary neighborhood.

This corner of the city is characterized by having a lively atmosphere all year round and it has a promenade full of people from all over the world that gives it a special and cosmopolitan touch. You can also walk its small streets, but always respecting the neighbors. However, if you like to walk with total tranquility by the sea, we recommend following the promenade to the Platja de la Mar Bella. Remember that the further away you get away from Barceloneta, the more peace of mind you’ll find.

A walk through the industrial district of PobleNou

There is no doubt that the neighborhood of Sant Martí is a fantastic area, as it has an industrial, laborer and revolutionary past that now mixes with an entrepreneurial, creative environment full of companies and centers dedicated to art and communication sciences. It is characterized because its streets are narrow and has many squares and hidden parks ready for you to discover.

Immerse yourself in the modernist side of the Eixample

The Eixample is the most central and cosmopolitan district in Barcelona. Created more than 100 years ago, it is characterized by a modernist style unique throughout the city, which has modernist buildings, wide streets and a very particular quadcular architectural style designed by Antonio Gaudí himself. Although it is mainly a residential neighborhood, here you can find a lot of history with emblematic shops that marked the lifestyle of the city in the past and that endures to the present day. And if you prefer to know more about its history, you also have the option to take a free tour of modernist Barcelona where you will learn a lot about the essence of this famous neighborhood.


A walk through the nature of Montjuic

If you are looking for a complete disconnection, Montjuic is the paradise that you have to travel yes or yes. Here you can take a few long walks, starting from Plaza España, going up the national museum of Catalonia, the Poble Espanyol, and above all very calmly throughout the Olympic area, crossing the botanical garden to montjuic Castle. We assure you that you will enjoy the breathtaking views in perfect combination of nature that your body will appreciate.

The colorful district of Gracia

If there is a unique neighborhood in Barcelona that is the neighborhood of Gracia. It seems like a small town anchored within Barcelona, where local people predominate and their authentic customs. As a historical fact, we told you that before it was a villa that over the years was annexed to Barcelona back in the nineteenth century. This neighborhood is characterized by being bohemian and multicultural, with hundreds of very narrow streets and colorful local shops that serve as a great aperitif to a mandatory visit to Parc Guell.

We hope that this post you have learned a little more how to tour Barcelona on foot with the most interesting routes perfect for spring walks. And remember that in Xior we want your stay in the city of Barcelona to be an experience for a lifetime and, that’s why we want to become for you the best student accommodation in Barcelona. If you want to keep up with all our latest news and promotions, we invite you to follow us on Instagram.

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