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Tips to learn Spanish quickly and easily in Barcelona

Discover how to learn Spanish easily in Barcelona with the interesting tips that we tell you today at Xior Diagonal Besòs, your exclusive university residence in Barcelona

If you come to Barcelona and you don’t know how to speak Spanish. It’s okay friend! Because we tell you that you are in the perfect city to start, even from scratch, to learn the language, and best of all, in an easy and fun way.

We know that living an academic stay in Barcelona is a unique experience. For this reason, the Catalan capital hosts, year after year, thousands and thousands of foreign students who mostly come here without mastering the language. However, this factor is not an inconvenience for them to function correctly in the city.

For this reason, today at Xior Diagonal Besòs, your exclusive university residence in Barcelona, ​​we share some simple tips for you to learn Spanish quickly and easily. Read on and don’t miss them!


Receive private lessons

Learning Spanish for free in Barcelona can be a complicated task. However, if you have an extra budget to learn quickly, turn to private classes with native teachers with proven experience.

In this way, whatever your level of Spanish, private teachers will always adapt to your needs. You will find them online or on university bulletin boards, usually with prices around €25 and €50 per hour, depending on the experience of the teacher.
Go to classes at language schools

We are convinced that the most classic way to learn Spanish is to enroll in a language school. And we tell you that in Barcelona you will find a wide range of schools, for all tastes and budgets, where you can delve into the language and learn it easily. If you opt for this option, keep in mind that the prices are between €150 and €400 per month, depending on the prestige of the school.

A very important aspect is that you verify the level of Cervantes Institute certification that the schools where you want to enroll have. In this way, you will be able to certify yourself properly.


Enroll in Spanish classes at the university

If you are already enrolled in university in Barcelona, ​​then it is time for you to find out about the option of complementing your Spanish learning at your faculty. The reason is simple, and it is that here you will learn Spanish, in a more academic and effective way. In addition, you will be surrounded by other foreign and local students who will help you learn faster and better.


Use the language apps for the phone

Currently, there are many apps to learn languages ​​easily and in a fun way. Above all, today that we do not give up our mobile phones, we can take advantage of this reality to take advantage of it. It should be noted that these apps are quite complete and interactive, such as Duolingo, perhaps the most famous in the world, they offer you different levels of learning, even interactive games and voice recognition for greater fluency.


Attend international meetings

Barcelona is an international city by nature. Here you will meet many students from all over the world. In this way, it is easy to find international meetings, where Spanish, English and many other languages ​​are spoken, creating a fantastic atmosphere of exchange, not only linguistic but also cultural.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to make new friends and continue perfecting your Spanish by leaps and bounds. Our recommendation is that you pay attention to the calls on social networks by youth groups or groups of foreign students in Barcelona.


Create a network of native friends from Barcelona

To learn Spanish, the secret is to practice it a lot. So, we recommend having friends from Barcelona to help you practice the language to the fullest. Remember that the local people are very friendly and are always willing to teach new adventures to foreigners who are trying to integrate through the language. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


Are you ready to enjoy learning Spanish?

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